Morning All,

Amongst what I believe is known as a ‘Portfolio Career’ I do graphic design and other digital jiggery-pokery, which should really be far beyond my lady-brain and yet somehow isn’t – how curious!

Anyway, last week when I really should have been doing something else entirely (much like now) I decided my twitter profile needed jazzing up with something that might irritate misogynists. So I made the designs below. As it happens the meanies have stayed away, but lots of lovely feminists like it, so, if you fancy here’s a download folder of the designs for use as a desktop background or avatar*.

Click here to download the F*cking Love Feminism Wallpapers


Iris x


I F•cking Love FeminismIFLF Wallpapers-02

IFLF Wallpapers-03

IFLF Wallpapers-04

IFLF Wallpapers-05

IFLF Wallpapers-06


*All I ask is that you don’t sell them : )