Where would we be without the Daily Mail Online? Europe mainly, well we’re still in the EU…for now. But ghastly right wing political guff aside, where would women be without the Daily Hell? How would we know what was going to kill us and which ailments are our own fault? How would we know how much we should be servicing our husbands?* Who would tell us exactly how desperate and ashamed we should be for not having a husband? What we should be having surgically modified? When we should be having children? And who would tell us how selfish we are?  They really have carved out a deeply misogynistic niche, one that is fascinating to women; we’re either masochists on a vast scale or we’re intrigued by our nemesis. A nemesis that’s almost beyond parody. Almost.

Anyhoo, we just love the subtext of their subtlety by-passing headlines. So much so, we thought they should be motivational posters. There’s lots more where these came from. Feel free to share, print, whatever and remember, there’s always Kitten Block.

*Obviously one then reaches for Cosmo to learn from ‘sexperts’ about how to administer the most bell-end pleasing fruit-based blow-job.

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Hate Mail

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