This is the blog archive of Iris Clot, Flora Cramp, Joan Fun and marvellous guests Violet Bushtrimmer, The Kraken and more. We are lady-bloggers who find maintaining high levels of groomed femininity a massive ball-ache. As girl-children we saw a world promised to us on telly, in magazines and adverts where we would become lithe, graceful, organised goddesses. It was a pile of crusty lies. We can no more master liquid eyeliner than we can bewitch men with our choice of trouser, or divine the witchcraft required to keep our jeffing tights up. In short, we each felt like we were starring in our own one woman farce.

We have since made a peace, of sorts, with our inadequacies compared to light tripping, hair-twirling CGI teenagers and ad nymphs who may or may not have been ‘born with it’ and who are ‘worth it’ whatever it is. Instead of weeping delicately into scented handkerchieves that we’re a) too old and lumpy to even qualify as trendy/hot/relevant and b) too feminist to enjoy the world without finding, at best, casual sexism everywhere, we decided instead to blow raspberries at it all. We’re mature like that.

We met as campaigners for No More Page Three and wanted to talk about other stuff too. From the Autumn of 2014 until 2018 we have poked fun at sexist media and made tiresome feminist observations on various topics. It was a hoot for us and our readers have been smashing at joining in, keeping us honest and sending us stuff to write and tweet about. We did a live ‘Week in Sexist News’ for Women’s Matchfest, written for The Morning Star, modelled pants in a tutu wielding a chainsaw, made friends and generally enjoyed ourselves immensely.

We had to stop as life got in the way; also Flora is busy writing a book so watch this space on that. 

This blog may be rekindled in some way, as it’s great fun and an outlet for frustration.