Clearly exhausted following six challenging months of pretending that Page 3 exists to a) enhance women’s self esteem (HA!) and b) save women’s lives (HAHAHAAAAA!), the twelve year old YTS lads in charge of content writing at The Sun shovelled up this pile of steaming manure yesterday:



Although The Sun is famed for it’s critical objectivity in framing and presenting ‘news’ stories, ‘The history of Page 3 girls in 21 classic photos’ appears to be a tiny bit, y’know…biased. Dave Dinsmore and his cronies were clearly having an off day – perhaps they’re still adjusting to lunch being an hour ‘later’ after the clocks went back the other week – but, whatever the reason, they forgot to include some incredible milestones of Page 3’s history. To jog their memory, here are a few to add to their list:


1) Remember when Page 3 featured topless sixteen year old girls (in the glory days before the Sexual Offences Act, 2003, made it illegal)?

Sam, 16, Quits A-Levels for Ooh-Levels

Sam, 16, Quits A-Levels for Ooh-Levels

2) Aaah, and the fun ‘Back to Skool Girls’ feature, which included topless models dressed as schoolgirls, alongside photos of them as CHILDREN? How sweet!

back to skool

Photo courtesy of


3) And wasn’t it amusing and completely harmless that the Page 3 ‘schoolgirl’ theme continued well into the 2000s…



4) …as did the ‘faux lesbians in the bath’ theme.



5) And don’t forget all the times The Sun made tits political…



6) …but bullied politicians who stood up to them, like MP Clare Short…


In ‘Dear Clare: this is what women think about Page 3’ Short wrote:

‘The Sun newspaper took a particularly virulent line in their attacks on me. They branded me ‘Crazy Clare’, ‘Killjoy Clare’, and assembled a number of unflattering photographs and printed them daily inviting their readers to write in Freepost to ‘Stop Crazy Clare’. They also produced a car sticker and invited readers to send for one… The Sun approached a number of MPs who had voted against me asking them to appear on Page 3 with their favourite ‘lovely’. Four or five did this…’


7) …and ‘killjoys’ Harriet Harman and Lynne Featherstone.




8) Remember the completely innocuous ‘News in Briefs’ feature, which hilariously put Murdoch’s words into the mouths of models?



News in Briefs 03/02/2004:

‘Zoe is certain Tony Blair was right to take Britain into the war with Iraq. She said “you don’t need to be an international diplomat to realise the world is better off without Saddam. We should be proud of what has been achieved.”‘


9) And the many times The Sun hashed out a bizarre, Islamophobic ‘boobs vs burkas’ debate?



10) Oh, and that uplifting Page 3 article about a plastic surgeon’s ‘scientific formula’ for acceptable tits.

perfect tits


11) Don’t forget the times when the presence of Page 3 undermined major news headlines.


‘Paedos saw girls undressing’ positioned above Page 3 ‘girl’ Nicole.


12) And remember the time when….oh, maybe we should all forget about this one.



Well, that was about as jolly and refreshing as Murdoch’s acrid morning breath. Wishing you all a buoyant day unbesmirched by festering, sexist balderdash.

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