Hello, and welcome to My Tights Won’t Stay Up. We are Iris Clot and Flora Cramp, lady-bloggers who find maintaining high levels of groomed femininity a massive ball-ache. As girl-children we saw a world promised to us on telly, in magazines and adverts where we would become lithe, graceful, organised goddesses. It was a pile of crusty lies. We can no more master liquid eyeliner than we can bewitch men with our choice of trouser, or divine the malevolent sorcery required to keep our jeffing tights up. In short, we each felt like we were starring in our own one woman farce. Read more…

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30 Things We’ve Learned From Today’s Daily Mail

1) It's always best to distract readers from bad news about any royals or prospective royals... ...with tits. 2) Women should do age-appropriate shagging As men are allowed to have normal all-purpose sex regardless of age, one presumes these 'steamy' scenes required...
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Ranty Pants: Spectator Sexism

Greetings dear readers! Have you recently seen something infuriating? Have you read an article that has reduced your faculties to semolina?  Has a product or service that promised eternal salvation been a puddle of utter turd? Has an incident filled you with buckets...
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If Daily Mail Headlines Were Motivational Posters…

Where would we be without the Daily Mail Online? Europe mainly, well we're still in the EU...for now. But ghastly right wing political guff aside, where would women be without the Daily Hell? How would we know what was going to kill us and which ailments are our own...
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A Nip Down Misogyny Lane: The History of Page 3 in 12 Classic Photos

Clearly exhausted following six challenging months of pretending that Page 3 exists to a) enhance women's self esteem (HA!) and b) save women's lives (HAHAHAAAAA!), the twelve year old YTS lads in charge of content writing at The Sun shovelled up this pile of steaming...
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The Sun Diet

A guest blog, written by our mate Maud Flannel. Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t hate The Sun; I hate all sexist media. I’m quite ‘equal opportunities’ like that. However, as much The Mail et al may hate women and wear that hatred on their sleeve/website/sidebar...
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Home Interiors

By Flora Cramp A miracle of providence occurred! Just as I was contemplating redecorating my living room, I saw an article published by Men’s Health magazine, entitled Decode her Home. In this article, a team of psychologists and behavioural experts encourage men to...
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By Flora Cramp Last Boxing day, when I was too full to do a jigsaw or argue with my dad, I sat in the chair near the cat litter tray with a bottle of sherry, and stared at the wall for six or seven hours. Ignoring my mum’s conversation about whether Jeremy Irons had...
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By Flora Cramp Oh David Dinsmore, the most misunderstood man in Britain. Wimmin, we’ve had him all wrong. I know, I know, when he took over as Editor of The Sun last year, we all thought ‘here’s a pervy bloke in a slightly shiny suit, who likes to publish pictures of...
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The Week in Sexist News 11/12/15 (sort of)

Merry December dearest pals, The Week in Sexist News is back! Well, sort of. While we've been working on our EXCITING NEW PROJECT (which we will unveil with a flourish in the New Year), so we've been taking a break from sexist newsing...but...we haven't really. You...
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The Week in Sexist News 23/10/15

MORNING gals and guys! Have you had a nice week? The papers have contained an absolute toss-fest of shit-flinging and feminist bashing. Which, of course we LOVE. Without further ado here is a veritable banquet of Fleet Street faeces:   10) Not so Fonda* of...
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The Week in Sexist News (Anniversary Issue – sort of) 16/10/15

MORNING. Well, we missed an important Tights-iversary. Last week we had been doing TWISN for a WHOLE YEAR. A whole blinkin' year. Forty-five posts about the dickishness of our 'free' press. There have been more celeb-lady-part flauntings in the last year than we've...
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The Week in Sexist News 28/08/15

  Morning all. Last week we were spoiled for choice, and this week has not disappointed either. Well, obviously the patronising, sexualising, belittling, mocking and general abusing of just over half the population is massively disappointing. But, in terms of...
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The Week in Sexist News 09/10/2015

Oh Good God, it's Friday again. Which, on the one hand, is good and, on the other, is a reminder of how little one can achieve in 5 days. Unless one includes biscuits consumed, in which case, both of us are WINNERS at life. Anyway, our weekly productivity aside, we've...
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The Week in Sexist News 09/01/15

New Year, new, refreshing approach to gender equality in our national press? Not bloody likely. This week has been as turgid as ever with all the usual fun of the fair (if by fun we mean fat-shaming, slut-shaming, rape apology and other crusty, patriarchal delights)....
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The Week in Sexist News 16/01/15

Hello dear readers, come in, no no don't take your shoes off, you'll get your socks dirty. A glass of Tesco's Finest Pinot Grigio and some Hobnobs? That's it, have a seat, gird your loins and join us to delight/despair [delete as appropriate] at our media's debauched...
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The Week in Sexist News 19/12/14

Ah, the week before Christmas. As Flora spends her mornings (in Auntie June's words) 'marying about with tinsel' and Joan Fun drinks her way through the school nativity, Iris effs and jeffs the hours away, wishing that Slade, the Debenhams gift department and nobheads...
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The Week in Sexist News 17/04/15

Well ladies and gents, this week the sexist bullshit fairy ran barefoot through our national press. Wedding cockery, foot fuckwittery, pregnancy piffle, it's all here. We've been busy amusing ourselves and trying our best to ignore it all until absolutely necessary....
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The Week in Sexist News 24/07/15

Do you have that Friday feeling yet? That foresight which, though accurate, you will ignore. The I'm going to be hungover tomorrow and my plans to mow the lawn/do my tax return/make something spectacular from that hardback celeb cookery book will be completely shagged...
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“A refreshing and effective combination of feminist thought and sharp humour. Has made me wet myself laughing”

Laura Bates, Everyday Sexism

“The Week in Sexist News is bang on and hilarious. Please let there be a book, it would be the kind of pant wetting affair that I would have to buy for most of the women I know (and the men too, come to think of it) the likes of which I haven’t done since Caitlin Moran’s ‘How to be a Woman’”

Lucy-Anne Holmes, No More Page 3

“I can no longer risk eating or drinking whilst reading these posts. It’s a potential death trap but I guess at least I’d go laughing (snorting and choking!) Love it!”

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