Hello, and welcome to My Tights Won’t Stay Up. We are Iris Clot and Flora Cramp, lady-bloggers who find maintaining high levels of groomed femininity a massive ball-ache. As girl-children we saw a world promised to us on telly, in magazines and adverts where we would become lithe, graceful, organised goddesses. It was a pile of crusty lies. We can no more master liquid eyeliner than we can bewitch men with our choice of trouser, or divine the malevolent sorcery required to keep our jeffing tights up. In short, we each felt like we were starring in our own one woman farce. Read more…

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Doctor Who and the man-babies

We welcome esteemed new contributor Ms V. Bushtrimmer to the site with what we're sure you'll agree is a frankly sensational debut. Equal parts steamed loathing, vivid sexual imagery and weeping man-babies who will be watching Ant and Dec firing marshmallows at an owl...
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You couldn’t make it up

There is a point where you just can't face reading The Express, The Mail, The Sun, The Star, a large proportion of The Mirror or The Telegraph and hope never to clap eyes on any of them ever again. We have reached it. Iris thought she could cope and valiantly tried to...
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Darn Kitsch! – Guest Post

We're very excited that the fabulous Cath Janes has written this guest post for us. Many a beverage was choked on reading her hilarious rage-filled Kraken Wakes blogs. She doesn't write so much these days, but is no less creative. You won't find her at a laptop, but...
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The Week in Sexist News 30/06/2017

Hope you've got a nice cuppa, never face press sexism without caffeine... 10) Designer poverty The Telegraph, 28/06/17 I'm sure anyone who is struggling financially, like public sector workers, perhaps, can empathise with Sam Cam's howl of pain. The real victim here...
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The week in sexist news 23/06/2017

Well, it *is* Friday. With all the other frankly abysmal shit going down, it's somewhat comforting to know that our national press (online and off) still prioritises women and make plenty of time to body and slut shame, obsess over the legs of dead royals and be...
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Brexit Style

As Brexit brow sweeps the nation, we take a look at this year's hottest 'Article 50' style essentials, guaranteed to make your wardrobe great again. [Click here to view as a pdf] 1. Henge dress Made of dolerite poly-cotton mix, this neolithic number harks back to a...
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30 Things We’ve Learned From Today’s Daily Mail

1) It's always best to distract readers from bad news about any royals or prospective royals... ...with tits. 2) Women should do age-appropriate shagging As men are allowed to have normal all-purpose sex regardless of age, one presumes these 'steamy' scenes required...
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The Week in Sexist News 11/12/15 (sort of)

Merry December dearest pals, The Week in Sexist News is back! Well, sort of. While we've been working on our EXCITING NEW PROJECT (which we will unveil with a flourish in the New Year), so we've been taking a break from sexist newsing...but...we haven't really. You...
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Not The Week in Sexist News 13/11/2015

Morning you glories. We have a confession to make... There is no Sexist News today. We do have a good reason, we promise. We are working on a project that we hope will delight and amuse. Though we would love to be able to do TWISN in tandem, trawling through the...
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The Week in Sexist News 06/11/15

Good Morning readers! We hope you had a wonderful night of burning cloth men on massive pyres. We tend to do that every two to three weeks, but last night was exceptional - in fact, our fire is still going. We burned enough copies of The Sun to keep the embers alight...
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You couldn’t make it up

There is a point where you just can't face reading The Express, The Mail, The Sun, The Star, a large proportion of The Mirror or The Telegraph and hope never to clap eyes on any of them ever again. We have reached it. Iris thought she could cope and valiantly tried to...
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The Week in Sexist News 10/10/14

By Flora Cramp, Joan Fun and Iris Clot Not content with huffing about the piss-poor state of women's representation in our national press whilst doing our nails and enjoying faffy cheese fondue, we've decided to do a weekly digest of some of the most...
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The Week in Sexist News 24/04/15

Good morrow weary fellow travellers, it is indeed Friday once more. It’s been a right week, Flora is looking to make friends in her new home and has so far joined a line-dancing troupe and an advanced whittling club. Meanwhile, Iris has been in therapy, but the less...
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The Week in Sexist News – 26/06/15

Holy shit. It's Friday again. Don't panic. Have you got some kind of baked good handy? Some tea making apparatus? Excellent. Now sit down and read about some terrible, terrible news written by some uniquely ghastly individuals... 10) No Diet Diet THE NO DIET DIET IS...
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The Week in Sexist News 01/05/15

Lawks guv, it's only gone and got to Friday again. We've been trawling the dark, dark abyss so you lovely lot don't have to. And we strenuously advise you not to, unless you want your brain to melt into a steaming puddle of incredulity. We find it quite staggering...
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The Week in Sexist News 09/10/2015

Oh Good God, it's Friday again. Which, on the one hand, is good and, on the other, is a reminder of how little one can achieve in 5 days. Unless one includes biscuits consumed, in which case, both of us are WINNERS at life. Anyway, our weekly productivity aside, we've...
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The Week in Sexist News 28/08/15

  Morning all. Last week we were spoiled for choice, and this week has not disappointed either. Well, obviously the patronising, sexualising, belittling, mocking and general abusing of just over half the population is massively disappointing. But, in terms of...
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The Week in Sexist News 22/05/15

Friday, you've not come a day too soon. And yet, with your end of week joy comes the knowledge that much of our media is idiotic, crass and sexist. We're not against crassness per se; Flora and I enjoy a bawdy joke as much as the next louche harpy, but the sheer...
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The Week in Sexist News 10/04/2015

Well it’s been a busy week for both of us. We’ve been furiously writing things to get attention and boost our pale, flimsy egos. It’s also been a busy week for sexist wordsmiths. As usual, we’ve been spoiled for choice as to which pustules of brimming hate to tackle....
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The Week in Sexist News 09/01/15

New Year, new, refreshing approach to gender equality in our national press? Not bloody likely. This week has been as turgid as ever with all the usual fun of the fair (if by fun we mean fat-shaming, slut-shaming, rape apology and other crusty, patriarchal delights)....
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Lucy-Anne Holmes, No More Page 3

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