Ever felt like you're starring in your own cheese-adled, one-woman farce?

Fevered blogging inspired by uncomfortable knickers, boob deodorant, falling over, boxset obsessions, domestic negligence, pesky ol' sexism and the delights of gin, by Flora Cramp and Iris Clot



In case you haven’t heard, our national treasure, Stephen Fry, reportedly waded into the murky topic of Operation Yewtree and historical sex crimes whilst speaking at a Labour Party dinner. He allegedly ‘went off on one’ and thinks there should be tougher laws to discourage people from inventing false claims of rape and sexual assault. What? Like the law that… Read more →



It might as well grow (a poem) Razors pain you, Wax causes concern; Tweezers pinch you; Friction can burn. Lasers are Sci-Fi, Sugaring scares, All that money buys, But why do you care? If fashion’s hairless, Then hairy brings woe, Maybe just care less; It might as well grow. Vera Clot  (Iris’s Mum – inspired by Dorothy Parker and, also, the… Read more →


Men’s Health

By Flora Cramp. WAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGHHHH Was my initial response on viewing the tornado of utter turd that is the Men’s Health website. In addition to the buffet of articles about a) abs b) abs and c) making money out of your penis, there are approximately a willion offensive ‘articles’ written about those illusive, needy, whining little creatures: women. I thought that… Read more →

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The Sun Diet

A guest blog, written by our mate Maud Flannel. Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t hate The Sun; I hate all sexist media. I’m quite ‘equal opportunities’ like that. However, as much The Mail et al may hate women and wear that hatred on their sleeve/website/sidebar of shame, I can’t remember them being quite as hypocritical as those geniuses were over at The Sun this… Read more →